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Welcome to MHE, the print2image2Internet consultants. MHE provides business and technical services to both users and vendors in the electronic document space.

Please see MHE Services for information on the wide variety of services that we provide.

MHE is ready to help you with your electronic document problems, in North America, Europe, and worldwide!

What's New

MHE is one of the three co-founders of acadami, a partnership that provides certified, independent, professional quality education in the electronic print space. acadami was the first organization certified by Xplor International to provide professional education that grants Continuing Education Units (CEUs) authorized by Xplor, and acadami is the only organization that takes this education 'on the road' to where you live.

Please see our website at www.acadami.org for more information on acadami and how its educational offerings in the transaction document space can help you and your employees be more productive.

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